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Pelvic Floor Prolapse - Newburgh, IN

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Prolapse Overview

Our Newburgh, IN gynecology office treats women for prolapse disorders. A prolapse can affect the pelvic area, the bladder, or vaginal region. Women often complain of a “bulging from the vagina” or “my cervix is coming out of my vagina.” This is called pelvic organ prolapse and occurs when pelvic floor muscles are weak or damaged and can no longer support the pelvic organs. When these organs (e.g., bladder or bowel) slip out of place, they push up against the vaginal walls. Often women will complain of difficulty with emptying stool from the rectum and having to push stool out by pressing on the back of the vagina.

In addition, many women will complain of loss of bladder control. Prolapse is a result of genetics, vaginal deliveries, years of heavy lifting and environmental factors such as smoking. You cannot repair this problem without surgery or devices that remain in the vagina to prevent droppage (i.e. Pessaries). There are many surgeries available to correct this issue depending on your problems. If you have a uterus, this will need to be removed to repair the prolapse.

Treatment Information

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