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Information About Tubal & Birth Control Options Procedures

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Essure, a form of female sterilization, is an insert that is placed into the fallopian tubes through the vagina and cervix, similar to an IUD.

Tubal ligation, a sterilization method, permanently prevents pregnancy by blocking the fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from reaching the uterus.

The Mirena is an IUD device with progesterone that is inserted on top of the uterus in a doctor’s office to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years.

Skyla IUD, similar to Mirena, contains a hormone that’s an effective form of birth control. When left in place, it can prevent pregnancy for 3 years.

Paragard IUD is a long-lasting, effective IUD that delivers continuous birth control for women without releasing additional hormones into the body.

Nexplanon is a highly effective birth control method that’s inserted into the upper arm beneath the skin. It can provide protection for up to 3 years.

Birth control pills, or “the pill,” are an oral form of contraception that aids in preventing pregnancy by containing hormones that prevent ovulation.

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