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Prolapse Treatment Overview

The most effective surgery for prolapse at this time is sacrocolpopexy. This surgery has the best long term results with good vaginal elevation 5-10 years after surgery and longer. No other method has been proven to be a more effective surgical treatment at this time.

Dr. Basinski is now a Board -certified urogynecologist (a specialist in pelvic organ repair) and performs this surgery with the da Vinci robot. In Evansville, she is the first physician and as of January 2009, the only physician to perform sacrocolpopexy with the robot. Over the past 12 years, Dr. Basinski has performed several hundred sacrocolpopexies in the Evansville area and has conducted research in the area of pelvic prolapse.

About Sacrocolpopexy

Sacrocolpopexy is a surgery that uses artificial mesh called Prolene to reconstruct the vagina. This tissue is very soft but also very strong. Dr. Basinski uses this tissue along the front and back of the vagina to repair your own damaged tissues and then connect it to your backbone or sacrum. This will elevate the vagina and orient the vagina in its normal position.

Sacrocolpopexy has the best results of all the known prolapse repair surgeries for sexual functioning and longevity. This surgery carries the same risks as all surgeries such as: injury to bladder, ureter, bowel and blood vessels; bleeding; infection; anesthetic risk. You will also need a full 6-8 weeks of reduced activity with no heavy lifting greater than 10lbs and no strenuous pulling or pushing over this time. After surgery the mesh is held in place by stitches. However, Dr. Basinski counts on your body to heal around the mesh and hold things in place for the remainder of your life. It is very important to not overdo activity after surgery, as you could breakdown the repair before your body has had time to heal it into place.

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